[Announcement] VER 1.16.2. Release Notes

[Announcement] VER 1.16.2. Release Notes

Maintenance Schedule: March 9, 01:00 ~ 04:00 (UTC+0)

※ MRFOW will not be available to play during this time.

Here are some changes that are going to be applied for the Part 2 of the Pre-Season Clan War!

  • The gas needed to play the PvE mode will be adjusted according to difficulty level of each stage.

(calculated based on players’ level -> needed gas is determined based on the difficulty of each stage)

  • when the leader of a Clan does not log in for more than 14 days, their leadership will automatically be transferred.
  • players will now be able to do practice battles without selecting the base.
  • Additional anti-cheat protection / account suspension and ban.
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