“Revenge of Majesta” Event Explained!

“Revenge of Majesta” Event Explained!

Hello commander!

We’ve prepared a new special event with great in-game item rewards! For 3 weeks, collect Majesta Coins and open Majesta Chests!

What to do during the Event

  • Majesta Token can be collected from both PvP and PvE modes.
  • With collected Majesta Token, you can open Majesta Chests.
  • Majesta Character Coins can be found in the Majesta Chests.
  • The event consists of 3 chapters and each chapter will be held for one week.
    • Barc’s Conspiracy (Feb 7, 12 am to Feb 12, 12 am)
    • Burgess’s Plot (Feb 13, 12 am to Feb 17, 12 am)
    • Ben Locker’s Retreat (Feb 18, 12 am to Feb 22, 12 am)

How and when can I receive the rewards?

  • More Tokens can be found in the PvE mode than the PvP mode. In addition, the new modes (Normal and Hard) offer more Majesta Tokens than the easy mode!
  • Rewards for completing a chapter can be received upon collecting all Character coins for the chapter.
  • Final Rewards can be received at anytime between Feb 23, 12 am to Feb 28, 5 am (GMT/UTC+0).

Brand new PvE Campaign modes are now available! Log in to Mad Rocket and start collecting Barc’s Coins!

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