About the Game

About the Game

Your quest is to attack your opponents base and destroy it. The twist? The base is covered in a fog, making it difficult to choose the optimal strategy!

You can select a variety of units, each with their own special skills. Assemble the best team, and then launch your assault on your opponent’s base – aiming to destroy all that you can see.

Make sure you don’t allow your aircraft to be shot down before they’ve deployed their paratroopers. Maybe you will lose a number of battles because of this oversight, as your troopers never even reached the base they were supposed to be attacking.

But don’t worry. Highly explosive Rocket Missile and Aircraft are carry out your strategy against hidden defenses. Fight against the unpredictable defense strategies of them.


  • Use the fog of war to your advantage! Hide, or unveil key strategies.
  • Fog of war enhances the gaming experience for all
  • Compete with players worldwide, raid and loot other bases!
  • Plan unique attack strategy with countless combinations of Aircraft, Rocket Missile and Ground Troop.
  • Build and upgrade advanced defenses on your base.
  • Design your own unique base layout and be prepared for an exciting clash with other players!
  • Collect military themed weapons with multiple levels of upgrades.
  • Test your strategies in the campaign mode.
  • Climb the tiers for great rewards in the ranking season.
  • Fog of war delivers the ultimate combat strategy gaming experience.
  • Join a mighty clan!
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